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Prepare, train and develop national companies capable of partnering globally.


Delivery your and your company's development to a new level of innovation.


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Why choose WinOk?

WinOk LLC is a professional company with 15 years of experience in the human resources sector. A professional organization that advises and serves in a combination of theory and practice, using advanced technology.

Why GoSofto
The best human resource consulting service -

WinOk LLC will be your permanent human resources consultant. Our experts will advise you on innovative theoretical approaches and advanced methods.

Organization training

Trainings to improve the organization's productivity, improve the atmosphere, make employees love their work, love the company, and empower managers

Human resource standards

Improve all human resource documents and standards of the organization to the international level. The organization's reputation will improve and you won't have to worry about paperwork.

Human resource software

Simplify your operations with all kinds of human resource software. Use their own copyrighted software, forms and materials.

HR brokerage

A professional recruitment service that connects job seekers and employees. With this service, we will provide you with the necessary skilled personnel and develop together.

Our Service

We provide the following services in cooperation with international professional organizations

Consulting services

We provide all types of human resource consulting services according to international standards.

Training services

Organizational training, employee motivation training, personal development, leadership training

Innovation services

KPI (Performance Payroll System), HRM System and Time Registration System Human Resource Software.

Sale of forms, procedures, contracts and materials

Documents that international standards and Mongolian standards

Organize business events and conferences

Together with our international partners, we will organize the necessary business events and conferences for your organization and empower you.

Research & International Relations Center

Market and data-based analysis and liaison with international partners.





Form & materials



International partners

The innovations you need

You can increase your productivity and increase your profits by using the following programs.


Human Resource System

  • Employee Details
  • Forms, Procedures, and Commands
  • Reporting System
  • Electronic archive
Advanced Technology
Cloud system

Performance Payroll System

  • KPI Calculation
  • Actual results
  • Real salary
Advanced Technology
Cloud technology

Time accounting system

  • Real time
  • Easy Report
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Big date
Advanced Technology
Time accounting system

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Streamlining different processes and workflows by using user access control Onebook prompts efficiency and productivity levels of an organization, and reduces operating costs.

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